Turkish Stream completes first line
May 8, 2018

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom said the first segment of the Turkish Stream or TurkStream pipeline to Turkey has been completed.

“Today (April 30) at the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the deep-water pipelay for Line 1 of the TurkStream offshore gas pipeline has been completed,” Gazprom said.

According to the Russian gas giant, the average rate of the deep-water pipelay carried out by the pipelaying vessel Pioneering Spirit was 4.3 kilometres per day. The maximum pipelaying rate – 5.6 km/day – was reached twice in February 2018.

In accordance with the schedule, the project is being simultaneously implemented on shore in Russia and Turkey and in the Black Sea. The receiving terminal is being constructed near the Turkish settlement of Kiyiköy, Gazprom said, adding that upon completion of the landfall sections the works on the first line will be completed.

Following the works schedule, Pioneering Spirit will continue the deep-water pipelay of Line 2 in the third quarter of 2018, Gazprom said.

“Implementation of the TurkStream Project carries forward successfully. We have reached an important milestone – the completion of Line 1,” Gazprom CEO Alexey Milller said. “Progress is moving at a high rate. Since May 7, 2017, when we started the pipelaying campaign, a total of 1,161 km of pipes have been laid, which is 62% of the overall gas pipeline length. Needless to say, TurkStream will play a significant role in strengthening the energy security of Turkey and Europe,” he added.

Gazprom hopes to build a second line across the Black Sea that will be extended to reach European consumers.